TiberSynth is an experimental audio synthesizer that runs in your web browser. It is a gesture-based instrument that allows you to navigate a complex multi-dimensional sound-space using simple movements. It is designed to remove the usual barriers toward interacting with software instruments, letting you focus on tones, timbres, and exploration.TiberSynth does not have the usual keyboard, knobs, or sliders typically found on electronic instruments. In fact, it does not have notes, pitches, or patches at all. It is purely a tonal and percussive instrument.You play the instrument by generating random parameter spaces and moving through them using your mouse or touch position. Using this method of interaction allows for more immediacy and direct control, eliminating the need to stop and consider which knob to turn or which button to press. You simply explore until you find something that you like, and then hone that sound by exploring its parameters.Playing in this manner is much closer to an acoustic instrument, where your hand position on a drum changes its timbre, but the drum sound itself cannot be modified without tuning or muting.